Casinos that accept American Express

Until mid 2008 no casinos accepted American Express (Amex) as a deposit method. But now, places like readily accept American Express even from players from the United States at a success rate near 100%. Rome was the only casino that explicitly has American express in their cashier queue.

There are a few other online casinos that accept American Express, which we mention below but do not have as high of a successful deposit rate. Many times the cards are declined because of coding reasons.

American Express Casinos

Poker sites with Amex
Unfortunately at the moment there are no poker sites that take American express (Amex). For whatever reason American Express will not allow their credit cards to be used for online poker whether it is from the United States or any other country that allows poker sites. This has long been the case and even fully legal skill based games don’t use Amex for depositing.

American express and other credit cards
Large banks and credit card companies code their transactions to allow and disallow certain transactions to go through.

While we do not condone or tell customers to do anything they might feel illegal we simply tell it as it is. These online casinos un-code these transactions and have sometimes up to 4 or 5 backup credit card processing solutions in case one goes down to make sure the deposit goes through. The poker sites simply may not have found out how to do this yet when it comes to American Express.

In effect, what the United States tried to do in 2006 when they passed the UIGEA, was actually make the online casinos smarter about how they operate and now, credit cards deposits like American express are going through at an alarming rate.

History of Amex and Discover Card with Online Casinos
One reason both Amex and Discover Card don’t readily accept casino deposits is because some dummy sued them back in the late 90’s for allowing them to use his credit card to gamble online. When he refused to pay the guy claimed it was the credit cards fault he lost the money and that his credit was going to be ruined! Another case and point as to why McDonald’s puts “Caution, coffee is hot” on their cups. Nobody wants to take action for their own stupidity!