Best Poker Position

How To Play Positions
A game like Texas Hold’em might appear simple on the surface but it is the subtle nuances of the game that make it the exciting venture that it is. If you’ve been around the game awhile I’m sure that you’ve already been taught about, or stumbled across, several of these small subtleties that made you step back and ponder precisely what you were doing.

Whats Your Position
One of those things that might make or break an evening playing Texas Hold’em, or any type of table Poker for that matter, is that of the position that you’re sitting at the table. The position that you occupy at the table sets the tone and the strategy for you for the rest of the game and it is imperative you know the strengths and weaknesses of all the positions that you might occupy.

Of course knowing where you are actually sitting is key to be able to play your position effectively. On a Poker table the first three players sitting to the dealer’s left are considered to be playing in the “early” position. This is the first position to bet before the other players at the table.

Middle Position

The next position is the “middle” position. The middle position is occupied by the second third of players if there are nine players sitting at the table. This is the second group to bet.

Late Position
The final position is known as the “late” position and is the last third of players to bet. This is the last group of players to act during the game.

What’s the Best Position Strategy?
Depending on what group that you are sitting at will help determine a possible strategy for you to apply. For example, if you are playing from the early position you are immediately placed at a disadvantage simply because you haven’t been able to see what the other players are willing to bet. Game play from this position must always remain very tight when betting because you never want to go in much more than the other players are willing to, thereby making you a target.

The farther away you get from the early position the more information that you have about what the players around you are going to be playing and therefore can play accordingly. For this reason the middle position does not have to play as tightly with their cards as the players in the early position.

Best Poker Position
The players in the late position are in the best position of any of the players and the player in the very last position has the most power of anyone on the table. With knowledge comes power and the knowledge that the last player has about the bets of everyone else at the table will help this position bet the strongest.

Of course strong Poker is much more than a haphazard game of musical chairs. It is a game of poker strategies, skill, and to a lesser degree, luck. With that in mind the most battle hardened generals always look for any advantage, including the best position.