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Poker Tracker 3 for Macs

January 2, 2010 update:  Pokertracker for Mac has been released.  Please read this thread for instructions.

August 2009 update:  Still no Poker Tracker for Mac.  Please read the support email below for most recent information on the poker software for Macs.

August 14, 2009 - Roger, the native Mac version is on its way. Obviously it will have to go through testing, etc., before a public beta can begin but you can monitor the “General” forum at for an announcement.

To run PokerTracker3 right now on a Mac, I know others do that with emulation software such as VMware, Bootcamp or Parallels.

After literally years of asking, Poker Tracker has decided to give into the demands of their Poker Tracking Analysis software for Mac users. The new version is called Poker Tracker 3 (PT3). It is currently in the development stages for both Mac and PC users. The Mac beta version is NOT out yet and won’t be until the PC version is finished.

Projected Release Date

At this point in time there is no definite release date for the Mac or even the PC version of the software. The final version of the PC version was expected in February but has been pushed back to the end of April, 2008. The plan was to develop the PC version of Poker Tracker 3 and then port all the software over to the Mac. The tentative release date for the Mac version is expected in the beginning of 2009.

Beta Testing and Crossover

There will be Beta testing of the Mac software but this is limited to a few users. At this time most people are using crossover to run the beta PC version of Poker Tracker 3. Unfortunately crossover costs $60 and if you’re really jonesing to use the PT3 beta you can download it crossover from here ( and go that route. If you do purchase Poker Tracker 3, the windows version, I have been told that you will have access to the Mac version free of charge when it does come out.

Supported Mac Poker Tracker Sites

The Mac Poker Tracker analysis software will have the same qualities and functions as the windows version. Support and fixes will also be the same, but beta testing will likely follow the initial release coming this summer. Supported sites will vary for the Mac versions for obvious reasons, not all sites are Mac compatible. Visit our Mac poker homepage for the more popular Mac compatible sites. The following are going to be supported by PT3, with more to come.

Prices and Early Reviews

The developers of Poker Tracker 3 have not determined the cost of the new software. If you had a pre-existing copy of it, there will be discounts but chances are if you’re on a Mac, you don’t already have a copy. All of the discount information can be found on PT3’s FAQ page.

Early reports of the Poker Tracker 3 are very positive. Those who use PT3 on their Mac by either Dual Booting or Crossover have reported an uncomparable superiority of PT3 to Macpokerpro, which I personally never used because I never heard good reviews of it.

Here are some screenshots of the Poker Tracker 3 the beta. For now us native Mac users must continue to wait until Winter of ‘09 for the real Mac PT3.

Poker Tracker 3 Working on PokerStars

Poker Tracker 3 at Poker Stars

Charts of Poker Tracker 3

Poker Tracker 3 Charts

Updated by Roger on January 2, 2010